Headaches, like the common cold, are a familiar medical problem. No one is perfectly sure what causes them, and there is no single, sure-fire cure. Science has identified many causes and triggers for headaches, both foods you eat and activities. Both folklore and medical professionals offer ways to soothe and alleviate the symptoms. Perhaps you, too, are looking for the natural cure or medicine for your headache pain. Please consult your medical professional for specific help. Here you’ll find 25 known causes of headaches and 19 foods you eat that can trigger headaches. You’ll get relief from some of the 25 natural cures for headaches.

Headache pain is almost never located in the brain. The brain itself does not feel pain, because it lacks pain-sensing nerve fibers. However, headache is a true biological disorder, and not a psychosomatic one. Headache is usually located in the muscles of the head and the network of nerves in the scalp. The pain also originates in the nerve endings in the shoulders, neck and scalp muscles, and in the muscles which surround blood vessels in these areas. Certain nerves in the face, mouth and throat can also be affected. When headache strikes, the membranes are stretched, while blood vessels, nerves and muscles are tightened and depleted of oxygen.

Most headaches are temporary and respond to home treatments. However, sudden severe headaches may be a sign of an aneurysm, stoke or other potentially fatal condition. Be watchful for headaches accompanied by vision problems, difficulty speaking, numbness, or loss of coordination. Seek emergency medical evaluation and treatment for any unusually severe headache.

If you have headaches, you may have food allergies or food sensitivities, which are often the unsuspected cause of headaches. The foods to which some people are allergic can trigger headache pain. Sneezing and diarrhea are also indications of an allergy. Almost every prepared food product on the store shelves contains chemical additives and preservatives that can trigger headache pain. The first action to cure or relieve headache is to eliminate these items from the diet. Eating an organic diet may also cure and relieve headaches